Merry Christmas?

So, here’s my attempt to put the last few days into words – jingle bells, santa, happiness, food, consumerism, glitter, lies, discomfort, presents, anger, and coughing because of a chest cold. Words that convey a lot of feelings right? I told you my mind is quite erratic!

I actually don’t celebrate Christmas as my spiritual beliefs are…well…not easy to compartmentalise into a specific religion. Perhaps I will go into it one day, but for today I’ll put the very thought provoking topic aside.

However, every year I’m invited by close family friends (who identify as having no spiritual beliefs whatsoever) for a ‘Christmas’ lunch. They wish me a Merry Christmas and I wish them the same. The kids open the presents, which they then throw aside for the next one.  This whole affair seems so strange to me i.e. what Christmas has become in the present day – shop for lots of gifts, become stressed, make food, become even more stressed, and spoiled kids. Don’t get me wrong – I like catching up over delicious food but this is a day for Christ’s birth after all and Christmas from what I have seen has just become so warped. It feels disrespectful to people who are actually religious.

What do you think about this? Is my awkwardness warranted?


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas?

  1. couchpilgrim says:

    Here is the deal:
    Christmas is not a christian holiday.

    Tough words, but they are true! It was originally meant to be, but today christmas is owned by big companies and the main reason is to consume, consume, consume.
    Christmas brings a lot of negative things, as you stated earlier, so yes, your awkwardness is indeed warranted!

    I try to celebrate Jesus in my everyday life, and I see no need for a “special” day to do so just once a year.
    He is my savior and worth a lot more than that!

    – Couchpilgrim


    • appleofsodum says:

      Thanks for the post, Couchpilgrim!

      Yes, I think you’re quite right. I imagine someone who believes Jesus is their saviour would celebrate that every single day of their life in various ways not by having a lavish celebration of gift-giving. I know people say “oh but it’s a time to give and be with family” but that statement becomes much less meaningful when it really is all about presents, and people complain about having to go gift shopping and feeling so stressed. Also, giving love and spending quality time with family should be done as much as possible, not necessarily on the 25th of December.

      Again, it’s hard to put my thoughts into words but I just feel awkward about attending a ‘feast where gifts are exchanged’ on the same day every year, which is really for Christians to celebrate.

      p.s. nice name!


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