I’m back!



Hi internet,

I’m back after 2 years of taking a break from the blogging world (even though my time on the internet hadn’t been very long). I’ve been away for a while because over the last few years it seemed like everyone was already blogging about all the things I loved and there was no need for me to add myself into the mix! HOWEVER, I really want to blog because thinking and writing of nice things make me happy, so why shouldn’t I?! I’m not a hipster, yuppie (Australian slang for an upper class person who likes to show it), a constant traveler to exotic places, or a preacher of anything. I’m basically a 31 year-young woman who likes to bring out her inner child from time to time.

I love beauty products (I know, I know, so many other bloggers do too), environmental conservation (I am a trained environmental scientist), fashion (preferably ethical, when I can afford it), visiting beautiful gardens and cafe’s (I love visiting cafe’s – the noise, smell, and energy excite me), preparing nice food (trying to), planting veggies, and I also have an interest in traditional medicine practices (mentioned in my previous entries).

I live in Melbourne and we have so many beautiful places to visit, and I haven’t seen very many blogs where people visit the places I do. I live at the base of the Dandenong Ranges which are host to beautiful forest, gardens, cafe / restaurants, fashion stores, and cute little cottagey villages.  I’m only about a 40 minute drive from the city too and 30 minutes from the beach, so I basically get the best of Melbourne!

So, if there’s anything I mentioned you would be interested in reading about, do let me know! As much as I like writing, I also would like to provide content that other people will enjoy too.

Hope to blog something interesting soon!

Appleofsodum (real name will come out once I feel more comfortable)  xo





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