DB Cosmetics: Favorites and Unfavorites

DB Cosmetics is an affordable and cruelty-free Australian makeup brand that has been around for years. The quality of their products are claimed by the company to be as good as designer brands like Estée Lauder and Clinique.

I began to use their makeup products about five years ago, starting with just one or two items which were okay, but no big deal. Over the last 2 years or so they have really stepped up their game – going paraben-free for most products, going vegan, and increasing their quality and range. They now also sell make-up brushes, bath and body products, and perfumes.

So, suffice to say, I own quite a few DB Cosmetics products some of which I love. Not all products are favorites and actually turned out to be quite disappointing but luckily they weren’t very expensive. In Australia we can’t return products we don’t like but since we have testers in the stores, it’s easier to work out which products work for us and which don’t.

Makeup products prices range from approx. $6 to $20 AUD.


Here is a list of my favorite DB Cosmetics products (above photo):

  • Barely Nude Mineral Foundation, Light
  • Mineral Pressed Blush, Rose
  • Pore Minimising Primer
  • Firming Age Revive Foundation – Flawless Coverage SPF 15, Classic Ivory
  • Kohl pencil, Metallic Blue
  • Kohl pencil, Metallic Purple

The Barely Nude Mineral Foundation is finely milled and sits nicely on the skin. I think they have kept the formula the same for the last 5 years or so that I’ve been using it. I’ve repurchased it a couple of times. However, it is actually too dark for my skin tone! There are only three shades: light, medium and dark. So, I purchased the Ground Minerals Powder in Light (which is actually too light for me) and I combine both products which can actually get a bit messy. The Ground Minerals Powder isn’t in my favorites because it’s not very finely milled and doesn’t sit on my skin as nicely as the other (but I wouldn’t call it an unfavorite).

The Mineral Pressed Blush (photo below) comes in 4 shades. It lasts a fairly good amount of time without disappearing. I really like the Rose shade, which has a slightly peachy undertone so looks very natural and can be worn with a lot of looks.


The Pore Minimising Primer is fantastic! I can’t rave about this enough. It conceals pores and makes my skin nice and smooth and sits wonderfully under foundation.


The Firming Age Revive Foundation is my favorite out of all the listed products. I use a Nude by Nature flat-topped brush to work it into my skin to make it look completely natural and last all day. It is buildable and can be full coverage. I only use about a quarter of a pump and mix with a bit of the next shade down as, unfortunately, it doesn’t come in very many shades. It’s also SPF 15.

The Kohl Pencils are beautiful. The Metallic Purple and Metallic Blue shades complement my honey-coloured eyes really well. It doesn’t necessarily stay put all day if you’re rubbing at your eyes, as it’s a kohl, so I don’t expect it to. It is also great to smudge it out.

Now to my unfavorites… dum dum DUMMMMM!


There are a few misses with DB cosmetics but not that many (not that I’ve experienced).

These are the products I didn’t enjoy using very much:

  • Eye Primer, containing ingredients like Vitamins C & E, Aloe Vera & Green Tea Extract
  • CC Cream Complexion Corrector, Natural Coverage SPF 15,  Light Medium
  • Outrageous Volume Mascara – Water Resistant, Blackout
  • Lash Extensions – promises extreme volume and length, water resistant, Brown Black
  • Kohl Pencil, Black

The Eye Primer actually caused my eyeshadow to crease even sooner than it did if I didn’t use any primer at all – probably lasts about 2 hours before creasing. My eyelids do get a bit oily during the day but the ELF eyeshadow primer (which is also a lot cheaper) does a much better job.

I thought the CC Cream Complexion Corrector would be amazing, especially after how good the DB foundations are, but it turned out to have almost no coverage, is greasy, and did not even out my skin tone at all. It leaves the skin feeling really tacky. Even when I try to set it with a powder it still somehow gets greasy during the day. It’s almost all used up because I kept on persevering with it, using a few pumps each time so I could get even a little bit of coverage but then it became even greasier.

The Outrageous Volume Mascara doesn’t provide any volume, but lengthens just a smidgen. The bristles are quite tough so when wiggling from root to tip, the bristles actually scratch my waterline.

The Lash Extensions mascara is very dry and although is meant to be Brown Black it sort of looks a really light colour on my lashes, almost like I applied mascara but then dusted some white powder on top. Not sure why it does that.

The Kohl Pencil is nice, but it’s not very smooth or black. It could just be the one I have, as the other Kohl Pencils are smoother. Also, it’s not a very saturated black colour. I guess I just have other one’s that I prefer more, like my long-stay essence pencil (which is smooth to apply and really long-lasting).

I may choose to branch out and try more of their products in the future. In which case, I may write another post to share my thoughts on them.

If you’re interested in purchasing DB Cosmetics products, and are shipping to an address in Australia, you can check out their website to order online or find out the closest stockist to you.

Apple of Sodum xo


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