Knox Pop Up Market

I visited my local Westfield (Knox City) yesterday to search for some fake flowers to make a wreath (to hang up on the front door). I then noticed one of the outdoor streets near the restaurants was blocked off to cars, as there was a market being held on it.

So, I had a bit of a peruse of the market and some of the stalls were just so lovely I had to take some photos on my phone to show you. Baked treats, jewelery, candles, soaps, and lots of other unique gifts (for yourself or others) were being sold.

I bought a few soy wax melts from one of the stalls, and they smell delicious. Yes, delicious! Every single scent, except their Chanel No. 5 scent, smelled like a fruity summer drink, even the ‘ocean’ smelling one. They only cost $2 each, and anyone who owns soy wax melts knows they last for a really long time. I bought French Pear, Lemongrass and Persian Lime, and Watermelon. French Pear is now open in one of my cupboards as a freshener and I get a blast of it when I open the cupboard door.


There was even a stall called Candlebright ‘n’ Crafty Things that sold handmade candles that looked like ice-cream sundays! Such a nice gift idea.


Here are some more photos of the stall I bought the soy wax melts from (below).


I arrived there just after lunch time, so there were still people dining at the nearby cafes and restaurants, and there were quite a few people at the markets. The weather was also really nice, with blue sky and warm sun, so the vibe there was just really nice.

I believe the markets were first set-up at the beginning of 2016. I think if it continues until next year it will just grow and grow and gradually become more popular.

The markets are held on the last Sunday of every month. The dates for the rest of 2016 are:

  • Sunday 30 October
  • Sunday 27 November

I think the Knox pop up markets are definitely worth checking out if you live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Apple of Sodum xo



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