Prahran Market

Hi Everyone,

I went out to Prahran Market yesterday to check it out for the first time. Even though I’ve lived in Melbourne my whole life, I hadn’t actually been to this famous market before. It’s not really the sort of market you go if you want to do a big grocery shop – located in Prahran (which is quite an up-market trendy suburb of Melbourne) it’s quite pricey compared to other markets like Dandenong and Caribbean, but it is very lively, colourful and just fun to go and have lunch and a bit of a wander. It’s on Commercial Road, and is basically next door to Chapel Street which is a trendy shopping strip with cafe’s and restaurants, clothing stores etc.

There were lots of small food places at the market, one of them being a Turkish place that sold Boreks, Gozleme, Pogaca, and home-style Turkish food. I had a spinach and lamb Borek, which was delicious and only $5.50! (so I guess not everything there is so pricey). I couldn’t even finish it so I saved half to take home. There was also a musician playing South American music, to which people were bopping along (including me).

Another place that got my attention was the Turkish Delight store which had a huge selection of Turkish delights, with sooooo many flavours.

You can check-out their website for more information on traders, events and more.

Here are some photos. Enjoy!



Apple of Sodum xo


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