Welcome to New York

Taylor Swift’s song ‘Welcome to New York’ is well…pretty cool! I had never been interested in her music before, but her album 1989 is a hit with me!

I thought “wow! NY must be an amazing place if there are such amazing songs about it” also thinking back to Alicia Keys’ song ‘New York’.

Since then I have been trying to work out what it is that people love about New York. To me, it seems like a large concrete jungle like any typical over-populated city. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being around different cultures and eating good food, but all I think of about New York is ‘crowded, polluted, tiny apartments, expensive, and bleakness’.

There must be SOMETHING about it that attracts so many visitors though! I mean, that many people can’t be wrong. Right?

I’ve watched many documentaries on NYC, including You Tube videos where people strap their Go Pro on them while scooting around the city. All I saw was any typical, bleak city, with lots of cars tooting, very uneven roads, and somewhat miserable looking people. In fact, it reminded me very much of Melbourne city, except the more crowded and less tree-d version. All I thought when watching these was “I hope the government is investing in those roads” and “I wonder how many of the citizens have long-term health problems because of the smog”.

Maybe it’s just an amazing city for the wealthy – they can afford to partake on all of the ‘nicer’ NYC activities where glitz and glam exists, unlike the common people who find it difficult enough just to pay their rent for a tiny ‘studio’ apartment but are in pursuit of the NYC glitz and glam they are unlikely to ever reach, but try to satisfy themselves with selfies taken in front of Times Square. Long sentence, I know.

Maybe I’ll just take the plunge and go there one day. Maybe that love described in the songs is only experienced when you actually go there and see it for yourself. It’s a lot of $$ to risk though….

I might have to listen to the rest of the 1989 album and work out how trustworthy Miss Swift is.


Best coffee in the world!

The other day I spent hours perusing websites on where the best cup of coffee in the world exists.

It started out by me looking up on what was so special about New York (inspired by Taylor Swift’s album 1989) and fascinated by the reasons people love it so much (a blog on that to follow). There was mention in an article of an Australian barista who owned a cafe in New York, and how it was one of the best places for coffee in the whole city. I then did a Google search on where people thought the best coffee in the world was and there was no one place the majority of people could agree on.

The coffee I’ve had in Melbourne is generally pretty good – if not fantastic! I’m not a coffee snob but I had been drinking it from my mum’s cup since I was about 8 (just a little sip – not enough to stunt my growth). I must say my tastes have changed over the years (I love me a good long black) but rarely have I had a cup of bad coffee.

Is there such a place where the BEST coffee-making city / country exists?  I think Melbourne has a great cafe culture which inspires a lot of people to train in the art of coffee-making, but does this exist elsewhere?

I hope that one day I may become less sensitive to caffeine and travel the world to sample the coffee! That is my goal..oh, and world peace.

Merry Christmas?

So, here’s my attempt to put the last few days into words – jingle bells, santa, happiness, food, consumerism, glitter, lies, discomfort, presents, anger, and coughing because of a chest cold. Words that convey a lot of feelings right? I told you my mind is quite erratic!

I actually don’t celebrate Christmas as my spiritual beliefs are…well…not easy to compartmentalise into a specific religion. Perhaps I will go into it one day, but for today I’ll put the very thought provoking topic aside.

However, every year I’m invited by close family friends (who identify as having no spiritual beliefs whatsoever) for a ‘Christmas’ lunch. They wish me a Merry Christmas and I wish them the same. The kids open the presents, which they then throw aside for the next one.  This whole affair seems so strange to me i.e. what Christmas has become in the present day – shop for lots of gifts, become stressed, make food, become even more stressed, and spoiled kids. Don’t get me wrong – I like catching up over delicious food but this is a day for Christ’s birth after all and Christmas from what I have seen has just become so warped. It feels disrespectful to people who are actually religious.

What do you think about this? Is my awkwardness warranted?